Have you gotten the dreaded “Account Suspended” notice on your website?


Typically, you find yourself in this scenario: Monday morning, you jump on your computer with a fresh cup of your favorite coffee to update and manage your website, and you are seeing an omnious message saying your account has been suspended.

First, Take a breath and don’t panic. In most instances, your website has not been hacked, deleted, or otherwise unrecoverable.  We are happy to assist in quickly resolving this issue.


Reasons why your website account has been suspended.


There might be a number of reasons for receiving the “Account Suspended” on your account. Let’s review each further.


Payment Issue

 It may surprise you to learn that lack of payment is the number one, most common reason for a website suspension.  We try at all costs to avoid billing issues and non-payment suspensions. We send numerous emails and make phone calls to clients where billing issues come up from missed invoices or credit card expirations before we suspend an account. Typically, all it takes to avoid suspension is to talk to us and explain situations and lets come up with options. Its when you start ducking us, and not returning emails and phone calls that we have to resort to the suspensions that we want to avoid. But you know what? We get it. Life happens. All you have to do is give us a call and lets work it out. In most instances, we can get you back up in not time. 


Hacked Account or Malware

You may be operating on the up and up, but hackers are likely looking to use your server’s resources for something pretty shady. If we detect a hack or malware for the safety and security of the system and visitors we may suspend your account without notice to prevent traffic to and from your website.

Hacked sites happen! It’s a fact of life. Get in touch with us to restore the website to good standing. In these circumstances, we have been trying to get ahold of you without success. Please contact us to updated contact information.



Any downtime for your website is potentally damaging to your reputation and bottom line. Getting your website back online is our top priority. First and foremost, get in touch with us. We have been trying to reach you about your website’s situation, and had to resort to suspending the account to get your attention. Lets resolve the issues, and implement steps to avoid further suspensions in the future.  

If you feel stuck, and don’t even know the right questions to ask or even who to ask… Call us. We’ll be happy to dive in and help. We look forward to hearing from you!