I have been an avid scuba diver for many years.  In the diving world, 130 feet below the surface of the water has a large significance.  Ask any diver, and they will tell you that 130 feet is the depth limit for a recreational diver. In order to descend past that limit, you need expert training, better equipment, and lots of experience.

In the business world, lots of owners and companies “recreationally market” themselves.  They use the free website template sites from Wix or GoDaddy, they start a facebook page and try to keep it current, they are bombarded from companies that offer all kinds of services and promise the world.  Then, their business hits a point where they are ready to move beyond that recreational level of marketing, just like a diver wants to move beyond that 130 foot mark.  That’s where we come in.  We have the expert training, the better equipment, and lots of experience to help your company get to that professional level.

We are Beyond 130 Marketing, and that is where we will take you.


Our Team

Brady Hale


Brady created Beyond 130 with a heart for small and medium sized businesses. With an innate ability to connect with the client perspective, he’s known for the breakthroughs he brings companies, helping them reach and expand their customer base. His marketing philosophy is ” No matter how big the campaign, or how large your audience, you’re still only talking to one person at a time.” When he isn’t at the helm of Beyond 130, he runs a non-profit for ocean conservation, and dives as much as his Director of Operations will let him.


Moira Dobbs

Director of Operations 

Mother, avid scuba and freediver, go-getter, and all around strategic office manager. With a big heart and love of life, it’s hard to keep Moira still! She has enjoyed over a decade of experience in operations management, social media marketing and blogging, and loves the journey of empowering and growing businesses and churches as a brand.

Russell Stanphill

Graphic Designer

An outdoorsmen, a music junkie, a champion of others, and always hopelessly optimistic, Russell has an eye for creativity that fuels life. For the last twenty years Russell has spent his time doing ministry and graphic design. When he isn’t designing, Russell is busy being a father and planting Hope City Church in the Northwest Austin area.